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North-South reunion event of Viglacera Glasskote (VGK)

Ngày 06/09/ 2019 vừa qua tại vùng đất Cửa Lò, Nghệ An miền Trung, Viglacera Glasskote (VGK) tổ chức thành công sự kiện hội ngộ Bắc – Nam với sự tham gia của tất cả các thành viên Đại Gia Đình VGK là dịp để cùng nhau đoàn kết – phát triển.

Reunion between the North – South

On September 6, 2019 in Cua Lo, Nghe An Central region, Viglacera Glasskote (VGK) successfully organized a North-South meeting with the participation of all VGK Great Family members. opportunity to unite and develop together.

Viglacera Family Glasskote Family


In order to bring VGK Family to the goal of becoming a leading brand in the interior-exterior glass industry in Vietnam, in addition to owning a team of employees who are not only good at expertise but also have a common one. The right direction is the reason for VGK’s Great Family to overcome many difficulties over the past 12 years to achieve success today.

And to unite all members of the company to build the long-lasting VGK brand, solidarity building activities like Teambuilding are held regularly. This is also an opportunity for exchanging experiences among family members to synchronize services-products from the North to the South.

Teambuilding of Dai Gia VGK

With the theme of this “On Source”, in order not to forget the great dedication of President Ho Chi Minh, VGK Great Family visited Uncle Ho’s suburban villages and the inner villages of Sen village, reviewing the sentences. Uncle Ho’s story. Learn the qualities of Uncle Ho to train yourself more.

VGK Great Family visits Uncle Ho’s hometown

Learning from Uncle Ho’s point of view, he pointed out: “Preserving democracy, building a country, creating new life, and everything that needs health to succeed”, VGK Great Family has established a team “Glasskote FC” Practice together on this trip.

Glasskote FC team of VGK Great Family

The Board of Directors sponsored the Glasskote FC team


In addition, the culture of the VGK Family is always remembering the birthdates of the family members, and having a meaningful Gala Dinner. The show of music and talent competition was also enthusiastically responded. Although busy with daily work, the VGK Brothers still nourish their souls by singing and singing. Birthday party together.

Happy members of VGK Great Family

After the program ends, all goodbye to the coastal city to return to the daily routine, continue to make efforts to improve themselves and provide the best service for dear customers of Viglacera Glasskot . Each member has different experiences and emotions, but the bond of solidarity is tightened to overcome many waves together, reaching a common goal: Building the long-lasting Viglacera Glasskote brand.

The VGK Family breaks up with each other in deep indescribable emotions

                                                                                                                                                                                    Quynh Duyen

September 9, 2019

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